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Understanding the Foundations of Model-Based Systems Engineering

by dlong

By David Long, Vitech President

“There is NO SUCH THING as non-model-based engineering”

Zane Scott, Vitech Corporation Vice President of Professional Services

An interesting quote when you consider systems engineering has spent the last ten years obsessed with the transformation to model-based systems engineering (MBSE). But Zane is exactly right. Engineering has always been, and always will be, model-based. This transformation is far less revolution and far more evolution. Nonetheless, when done well, the impact is transformational, both to the organizations that implement MBSE properly and to the systems we engineer. With an eye towards helping more practitioners and organizations understand systems engineering, MBSE, and the value it represents, Zane produced a three hour self-paced tutorial series Foundations of MBSE: From Concept to Reality. Packaged in twelve “TED Talk-length” segments and filled with thought-provoking nuggets, this series is freely available on the Vitech website.  More...

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The Fool’s Errand of Reuse in MBSE

by dlong

By David Long, Vitech President

Systems engineering emerged in an era of clean-sheet, top-down, stand-alone design where design began at the system level and proceeded through custom manufactured assemblies and electronics. In today’s age of rapid technology infusion cycles, changing needs, and middle-out or bottom-up design, we strive instead to embrace reuse of existing components and subsystems blended with fresh design where necessary. Reuse in systems forces us to relook at our processes, methods, and tools leading many to advocate for the reuse of models within model-based systems engineering. Unfortunately, as generally framed and pursued, this is a fool’s errand with no hope of success.  More...

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Managing Resources in a Program Model

by rkratzke

By Ron Kratzke, Principal Systems Engineer

In the past couple of weeks I have assisted several customers exploring and using the Resource class in the development and analysis of program plans.

The basic question posed to me was this: How can I manage and set the use of resources without looking at each individual program activity’s property page?

To review a bit before getting to the solution…  More...


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