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Avoiding Off-ramps on the Way to Good Systems Engineering

by dlong

By David Long, Vitech President

There is no doubt that systems engineering is growing. It is growing in applicability as the degree of complication and complexity rises across many different application domains – aerospace and defense, transportation, automotive, energy, medical, consumer products, and more. It is growing in importance as we seek to deliver value efficiently and effectively, free from unintended consequences. But as systems engineering grows, there is a groundswell of frustration as well – that what people call systems engineering is not really systems engineering at all.

This complaint has increasingly been raised in private discussions, small meetings, and public forums, and I share that sense of frustration. It is often framed in terms of individual practitioners and organizations performing “partial systems engineering” or “checklist systems engineering,” sometimes tinged with a sense of nostalgia for the early days of the practice. Rarely do I hear it framed in an “us versus them” mindset, but more often in a constructive question of how do we make good systems engineering more accessible to all those who could benefit from good application and good practice.  More...

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Models – Involved or Foundational?

by zscott

Zane Scott, Vitech Vice President of Professional Services

In the world of model-based systems engineering there is a surprising amount of confusion over the role and concept of models. One would think that a concept important enough to be contained in the very name of the practice would have a well-settled definition. But such is not the case in MBSE. Still at issue is what it takes to be the kind of model on which systems engineering can be based. More...

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Self-Inflicted Wounds on Our Journey to MBSE

by dlong

By David Long, Vitech President

Over the past six weeks, I have had the pleasure of participating in a wide range of systems engineering forums, workshops, and conferences in multiple regions and across diverse domains. I continue to be impressed by the energy and passion that permeates these events and all those engaged in moving systems engineering forward toward a model-based discipline. At the same time, I am disappointed by some of the continued missteps I see. These easily avoidable mistakes drain energy and continue to slow our progress toward the ultimate goal of moving the practice and profession of systems engineering forward. If we can relegate these challenges to the past, we can certainly accelerate our progress. More...

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