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Fundamentals: Often Overlooked, but Vital to Success

by zscott

Zane Scott, Vitech Vice President of Professional Services

Often our mistakes do not result from failing to understand the nuances of complex aspects of our problems. Instead, they are a result of becoming too comfortable with the fundamentals of our processes. That is exactly why athletic teams who experience a slump in performance return to a focus on the basic skills that undergird their execution.

The same is true in our systems engineering practice. Unless we understand and practice the fundamentals of our craft, we will be led into costly mistakes. To see how this works, let us revisit some fundamental concepts and then identify the mistakes that can emerge from not treating these concepts seriously.

Just what is a system? More...

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Extending Variant Management to Behavior and Testing Architectures

by rkratzke

By Ron Kratzke, Principal Systems Engineer

In a previous post entitled “Variant Management in an MBSE Environment,” I covered the techniques used in CORE and GENESYS to capture variants in the physical architecture.

In this post, I will cover techniques to capture variants of the behavior architecture and development of testing architectures.

Continuing the example from the previous post, we had two workstation variants, the OS Mac workstation and Windows PC workstation.


Let’s assume that the “nominal” workstation had the following behavior: More...

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Cognitive Bias

by zscott

Zane Scott, Vitech Vice President of Professional Services

In a recent blog post, David Long, the President of Vitech and a Past President of INCOSE, discussed the useful technique drawn from the world of neurolinguistic programming (NLP) called “perceptual positions.” In addition to freeing our minds from self-limiting thought channels, this technique is particularly useful for ferreting out the effects of cognitive bias. These biases comprise a set of distortions to our conscious thought which are discussed in a clear and practical way in Richards Heuer’s 1999 book, Psychology of Intelligence Analysis. More...


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