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Mission Engineering Analysis in CORE / GENESYS

by rkratzke

By Ron Kratzke, Principal Systems Engineer

Over the past year there has been an increased interest in performing “Mission Engineering” during initial concept development. This has come about for many reasons, one of which is an effort to ensure that subsequent operational and system architectures – and the systems developed to support them – are aligned with and support the missions for which they were designed in the first place. More...

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Fit for Purpose – The Choice of View

by zscott

Zane Scott, Vitech Vice President of Professional Services

One of the quandaries regularly presented to systems engineers is which view or combination of views to use when representing the system model to others. In today’s practice, there is a blessing – and a curse – in the sheer number of views available for this purpose. The choice is varied and nuanced so views can be targeted to the job at hand. Despite that, engineers often make the choice of views based on their own personal preferences or pattern of practice.

By being intentional about the way we represent our system model, we can leverage the power of the model itself to communicate the principles and rationale behind the design. To begin, we consider what a view is in the context of systems engineering. More...

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Test Configuration Management in MBSE

by rkratzke

By Ron Kratzke, Principal Systems Engineer

As groups look to the broader potential of model-based systems engineering (MBSE), supporting test and evaluation in a MBSE environment – and model-based T&E – has become a subject of interest. This has been the subject of recent presentations at various venues including the 2016 Systems Engineering Test and Evaluation Conference and the INCOSE International Symposium.

One of the unique features of the schema used in Vitech’s methodology is the ability to support all aspects of test and evaluation planning in the MBSE model. Of particular interest to many has been how to accomplish configuration management of the testing environment.

In the schema we relate VerificationRequirements to VerificationEvents. Then, in turn, we relate a TestConfiguration to a VerificationEvent and can trace from a TestConfiguration to the Components and Links that form the particular TestConfiguration.

The schema map for this particular part of the model is as follows: 



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