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Looking forward while remembering the past

by mrich

David Long, then director of product development, tends to matters at the Vitech booth at the National Council of Systems Engineering in St. Louis in 1995.


Miriam Rich, Vitech Marketing & Communications Manager

This is Part I in an occasional series on the history of Vitech Corporation.

As a new year opens, Vitech Corporation anticipates celebrating a significant milestone: 25 years in business. It’s been a quarter century of growth that has paralleled the growth of systems engineering itself.

But it was a venture that almost didn’t happen. David Long, president of Vitech, founded the company in 1992. The undertaking which began as an undergraduate project has grown to become an enterprise with a product used by thousands across the globe. It all started rather by accident.  More...

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Thinking about “T” teams and self lenses in Edinburgh

by mrich

By Miriam Rich, Vitech Marketing & Communications Manager

As the seasons begin to turn once more, many in the northern hemisphere return from their summer holidays while those in the southern hemisphere look forward to the first days of spring. For those in the systems community – wherever we may call home – it is a good opportunity to reflect once again on the insights and shared experiences of IS 2016, the year’s premiere systems engineering event. More...

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9 Imaginary Roadblocks to MBSE

by dlong

By David Long, Vitech President

For over ten years, the systems engineering community has been focused on the transformation from document-centric to model-based techniques. In terms of the Roger’s innovation adoption lifecycle, we are beyond the early adopters, in the early majority, and moving towards the tipping point where model-based systems engineering becomes the expected framework and approach. In terms of the Gartner hype cycle, some are at the peak of inflated expectations, some in the trough of disillusionment, and a few on the slope of enlightenment. 

In the past I have shared classic errors organizations make in deploying MBSE and how to apply systems engineering to the deployment of MBSE to avoid these errors. However, there are still far too many sitting on the sidelines, not having started their journey towards MBSE. Time and time again, the same imaginary roadblocks – great reasons not to adopt model-based systems engineering – come up. Some are roadblocks that the community spawned through inaccurate or unclear messaging. Some reflect natural misconceptions that emerge during periods of change. More...

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